Please read T&C before completing the enquiry form. We will be pleased to clarify, in writing, any point on which you may have a query.

The Hirer/Drivers

The insured vehicle shall be driven only by the Hirer or other permitted driver who has completed and signed the Hirer’s Agreement Form immediately prior to any hiring. Additional drivers may be added to the Insurance Policy at an additional cost.

The vehicle is provided and insured on the following basis;

The insurance covers the Insured Vehicle whilst let out on hire, subject to the following conditions: –

1) The Insured shall verify the identity and permanent address of the Hirer and any other permitted driver by means other than relying solely on the information contained in the Hirer’s or driver’s driving license and that such person is not amongst the excluded persons enumerated below.

2) Two forms of ID shall be obtained i.e. Utility Bill (no more than 60 days old) and Driving License.

3) The Insured Vehicle shall not be let out on hire to or be driven by: –

  1. a) Hirers under 21 or over 79 years of age unless otherwise agreed by the Insurer
  2. b) Hirers under 21 or over 79 years of age if vehicle is a Minibus, MPV (8 seats including driver) or 7.5 ton GVW or above.
  3. c) Hirers aged 21 to 22 unless a full valid United Kingdom or EU driving license has been held for 2 years and prior authority has been given by insurers.
  4. d) Hirers who have not held a full valid United Kingdom or EU driving license for 2 years.
  5. e) Persons who have been convicted of an offence in connection with the driving of a motor vehicle or motorcycle and/or have had their driving license endorsed or suspended or more than 6 penalty points imposed. “Spent” convictions, covered by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 may be disregarded.
  6. f) Persons who have had their insurance declined and/or renewal refused and/or special insurance terms imposed as a result of claims experience and/or have had their insurance or cover cancelled by any Motor Insurer.
  7. g) Persons engaged wholly or partly in professional entertainment or professional sports persons.
  8. h) Jockeys and persons connected with racing, gaming industry or press of any sort.
  9. i) Undergraduates and/or students under 25 years of age.
  10. j) Persons who, whilst driving, have been involved in more than one accident during the past 3 years.
  11. k) Foreign Service Personnel other than persons holding a full UK/EU licence for two years or more.

4) The insured vehicle(s) shall be driven only by the Hirer or other permitted driver who has completed and signed a hirer drive proposal (by each hirer or other permitted driver). Such proposal shall be forwarded on request to the Insurers. The proposal must be fully completed by the Hirer or other permitted driver in all respects. In addition to the usual declaration and warranty contained in the proposal, the following declaration shall appear on the proposal, namely: – “I further agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Insurance which I have seen and read or have had the opportunity to see and read”. If the statements and particulars in the proposal are in the handwriting of any person other than the Hirer or other permitted driver, such person shall be deemed to have been the Hirer’s or other permitted driver’s agent for the purpose of completing the proposal form.

5) The Insured shall be considered as the being the agent for the Hirer or other permitted driver for all purposes in connection with this insurance but under no circumstances shall the Insured be considered as agent for the Insurers.

6) The Insured vehicle shall not be used for the carriage of goods of an explosive, dangerous or hazardous nature or for the carriage of goods or passengers for hire and reward.

7) Any vehicle which is added to the Motor Insurance Database will be charged the appropriate premium.

Hire Charges & Payment Terms

Vehicle Hire Charge means the hire charge including VAT, Vehicle Insurance (excluding insurance surcharges) and any Optional Extras for the purpose of the hire of a motor home for the duration of the hire period. The Vehicle Hire Charge does not include: Insurance Surcharges (if applicable) or Security Deposit.

The Vehicle Hire Charge is required to be paid in full at least 42 days prior to the hire collection date.

The initial payment of £200 (unless otherwise stated) must be paid at the time of making the booking.

Final payment is the balance due for all Optional Extras, Insurance Surcharges at least 6 weeks (42 days) before the hire commencement.
The Security Deposit of £1000.00 must also be paid before the hire commencement.
Insurance cover cannot be provided unless the Final Payment is made. The owner reserves the right to cancel hire booking if the Final Payment is not received prior to hire commencement. In these circumstances the Vehicle Hire Charge may be forfeited.

All Optional Extras must be paid in full prior to the hire commencement. The requirement for payment of these extra charges is dependent on the hire package purchased.


The hirer shall be required to provide to Drifters proof of their eligibility to drive the hire vehicle (This must be a UK or EU driving license (Other licenses may be accepted on application)) on booking the vehicle (copy of photo card & paper license). The license must be free of endorsements except for minor speeding offences (SP30/40/60) with no previous disqualifications. Drivers with a history of accidents may be refused hire or may have to pay an additional insurance surcharge.

The hirer must also provide proof of permanent address (i.e. Utility bill, credit card statement, bank statement no more than 60 days old) at time of collection of the vehicle. Drivers incurring fines during their hire (i.e. parking/speeding offences/congestion charges) shall be personally liable, and an additional administration fee will be charged of £50.

Drifters reserves the right to cancel the hire if, at the commencement of hire, the Drivers’ licenses are invalid or not according to the required conditions or if insurance is declined for any reason.


The Insurance cover provided is Fully Comprehensive. The rate includes a standard excess of £1250; in the event of any accident or damage the hirer will be liable for the first £1250. The hirer is liable for replacement of damaged windscreens, tyres or engine (following damage). Personal effects are not insured through this cover. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to provide their own insurance to cover personal items; we would recommend travel/holiday insurance is purchased from a reputable company.

Late return of the vehicle will invalidate the hirer’s insurance and will be an offence under the Road Traffic Act.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

Collision Damage Waiver may available as an Optional Extra (please ask for quote) and is subject to the following conditions:
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) Collision Damage Waiver will reduce the £1250.00 excess for damage caused due to a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) to either the vehicle or third party property to £400.00. CDW does not cover any damage to the vehicle or third party property caused through a reversing manoeuvre.

Only items specified will be covered by CDW, otherwise the full liability will apply.
CDW applies in respect of each separate incident and or claim, not entire Rental duration.
Incidents must be reported to Driters within 24 hours otherwise CDW cover will not apply. Minimum charge term for CDW is 7 nights/8 days. Should the Terms and Conditions not be adhered to, the CDW will be void and the customer will be liable in full for all costs and damages.
CDW can only be purchased prior to commencement of period of hire.
CDW reduces the hire insurance excess liability from £1250.00 to £400.00 per insurable incident and reduces the Security Deposit to £400.00.

CDW is invalid if the hirer is in breach the Hire Rental Agreement.
CDW does not reduce the liability for costs arising from:
Break-in or theft of the vehicle
Post Hire Uninsurable Damages including, but not limited to, all interior damages Associated Damage Costs

Insurance surcharges
Credit card surcharges
Any damage caused to the front cab section

In the event of break in or theft of the vehicle, the insurance excess is £1250.00 and is not reduced by CDW. Hirer will be liable for associated administrative fees, plus loss of revenue at the prevailing daily hire rate (max 5 days), transfer to warranty approved repairing garage and storage fees.
If Vehicle is stolen, it should be reported to the Owner immediately and in any event within 24 hours. It should also be reported to the Police immediately and a crime reference number should be obtained and provided to Owner.

In the event of fresh water tank contamination, the insurance excess liability is £1250.00 and is not reduced by CDW.

Security Deposit

On signing the DRIFTERS Hire Agreement you agree to either;
1) pay a £1250 security deposit prior to hire which will need to be cleared funds by Debit Card / BACS OR

2) provide Credit Card details.

If the vehicle is returned at the agreed time, without damage to the van or its contents, clean and with full tank of fuel, the security deposit will be refunded in full within 7 days OR the credit card details destroyed. If the vehicle is subject to damage whilst in the care of the Hirer including interior damage, theft of radio, vandalism, the Hirer will be liable for the costs of all repairs or replacements. If the cost of repair exceeds the Security deposit, the balance of repairs shall be passed on to the Hirer and/or the credit card provided will be charged.

The vehicle (interior & exterior) must be returned clean and ready for the next user. If additional cleaning is required, charges will be made to the Hirer at a rate of £80. Late return of vehicles will automatically render the Hirer liable for an additional charge of £50 for each late hour or part of. If vehicles are returned without a full tank of unleaded fuel, the Hirer will be charged for each litre of fuel at a rate of £2 per litre. The Hirer is responsible for the care, security and condition of the campervans throughout the hire period.

Travel Outside the UK and Eire

Prior notification of your intention to travel outside UK Mainland, with written permission is required to be obtained from Drifters. Any additional insurance premium is required to be paid prior to commencing the period of hire.
The Hirer may travel in any European countries with the exception of Turkey.

An additional daily insurance premium for EU Travel may be required to be imposed but is dependent on hire package purchased.
All vehicles will be provided with both full UK and EU Breakdown Cover and the appropriate level of fully comprehensive insurance.

To comply with current EU traffic regulations, whilst travelling in Europe, you must carry the following items:
Fluorescent/High Visibility Jacket
Road Safety Triangle

Spare Bulbs
GB or EU sticker
Head Light Angle Adjusters.
Travel through France – Two Government Approved breathalyser test kits must be carried in the motor home – failure to carry this kit may result in prosecution by relevant authority.
These items are not provided with the Vehicle but can be purchased from the outbound port/ferry terminal.

Proper Care of the Vehicle

The Hirer is responsible for the care and security of the vehicle for the duration of the Rental Period and agrees to return the Vehicle to Drifters in the same condition received, ordinary wear and tear excepted, on the date specified. The Hirer will be liable for additional costs and charges if due care has not been taken.

This includes:
A charge of up to £80.00 for a valet if the vehicle is not returned in an acceptable state of cleanliness. A charge of up to £50 for emptying the waste tank and foul water tank.
The full cost of making good any damage to the vehicle caused deliberately, by improper use or by an act of negligence.

During the Hire Period

If you need help or advice on any issue please contact Drifters and leave a voicemail message if necessary.
Vehicle operation: Should you experience any difficulties with the operation of the motor home during the Rental Period, please contact Drifters immediately as indicated on your Reservation Confirmation to enable us to offer assistance.

Breakdown, Accidents & Incidents

Drifters will hand over the vehicle in good mechanical condition. In the event of a mechanical breakdown, the Hirer is to inform Drifters immediately. Breakdown Cover is provided for all our vehicles. If mechanical breakdown results in a shortened holiday Drifters will refund each complete day of non-use. Drifters shall not be held liable for any losses incurred e.g. missed ferry crossings, booked accommodation/activities, replacement vehicle costs or any other consequential loss claims arising from campervan breakdown or accident.

Road Traffic Accidents and theft must be reported to the nearest Police Station and Drifters immediately and where necessary a ‘supplied’ accident report form completed. In the event of theft a Police Incident number must be obtained.

Incidents caused through negligence; wrong fuel, loss of keys or overhead damage will automatically be charged to the Hirer. Minor repair goods (i.e. replacement bulbs, wiper blades or fuses but NOT including the water system, refrigerator, audio equipment) may be purchased by the Hirer maximum spend £50 without prior consultation; only on presentation of valid VAT receipts will Drifters reimburse the Hirer.

The Hirer is liable as the bailee of the vehicle in respect of any fixed penalty offence committed in respect of that Vehicle under the Road Traffic Act 1988 and Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988; any excess parking charge which may be incurred in respect of that Vehicle in pursuance of an Order under Sections 45 and 46 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 or the Road Traffic Act 1991 during the period of hire. All parking, road-traffic or other legal violations are subject to a minimum £25.00 administration fee.

Fuel, Oil and Gas

The Campers use Diesel fuel. Vehicles are hired out and are to be returned with a full tank. (See Security Deposit)

The Hirer is responsible for checking oil & water fluid levels during hire time; top up as required using the provided fluids.

One full Propane (gas) tank will be provided to the Hirer.

Smoking Policy

Drifters operates a strict NO SMOKING policy in all their vehicles.

Pet Policy

The Hirer will not allow any animals to be carried in the vehicle unless agreed in writing by Drifters before travel. The Hirer acknowledges and agrees that any damage, repair costs or extra valeting costs incurred from a pet being in the vehicle must be paid in full by the Hirer.

Collection & Returns

Hires start and finish at the collection point unless otherwise agreed in writing. No refund is given for the early return of the vehicle.

Should the late return of the vehicle make Owner liable for extra costs (e.g. compensation for the next hirer), we reserve the right to pass on these costs to the Hirer.

Please allow up to 60 minutes for both collections and returns. Vehicle hire is available Saturday to Saturday unless otherwise agreed. The Hirer is advised to check the vehicle thoroughly before leaving Drifters premises. The breakdown or malfunction of equipment, after the vehicle has left the premises will not be accepted as reason to abort or cancel the Drifters Rental Agreement; any such fault will be rectified as soon as possible.

Vehicles must be returned at 10.00am and collected at 2.00pm unless previously arranged &
agreed. Failure to comply with these times will result in the Hirer being surcharged at the rate of £50 per hour or part of, together with any additional costs incurred by Drifters (e.g. compensation to the next Hirer). No refund is given for an early return of the vehicle.

Payment of Hire Charges & Optional Extras

We currently accept BACS payments and credit/debit cards for all hire charges; payments to be made payable to Drifters. Full hire charges to have been paid 2 weeks before the hire begins.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made in writing and are charged at the following rates:

  • More than 6 weeks before: £150 or 25% of the hire cost, whichever is greater (Non-refundable booking deposit)
  • 6 weeks – 2 weeks: 50% of total hire charge
  • 2 weeks- No Show: 100% of total hire charge 
If a £1,250 Security Deposit has been paid it will be refunded in full provided no other sums are unpaid by way of deposit or otherwise. 
The Company reserves the right to cancel the hire if at the commencement of the hire the driver’s license is invalid or not in accordance with the conditions set out above. In these circumstances the total hire charge will be forfeited.

Drifters Hire reserves the right to refuse hire to any person without explanation or prior warning.

Use of vehicle statement

The Hirer, agrees that during the rental period he/she will not and will not allow the vehicle to be: a) Driven otherwise than in a cautious, prudent and normal manner

  1. b) Used in a manner that could cause damage to it or the vehicle’s hired contents. c) Driven in a prohibited area.
d) Driven by a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  2. e) Left with the ignition key in the vehicle while it is unoccupied f) Left unoccupied with the radio/cd / Sat Nav in place
g) Driven by persons under the age of 25 years or over 70 years h) Driven by persons not authorised by Law to drive the vehicle i) Damaged by submersion in water
  3. j) Damaged by contact with salt water k) Used for any illegal purpose
l) Used for racing, rally or contest
  4. m) Used to tow any vehicle or trailer
n) Used to carry passengers or property for hire and reward
o) Used to carry more persons than lawfully permitted
p) Used to carry volatile liquids, gases, explosives or other corrosive or inflammable materials
  5. q) Otherwise used in breach of my obligations under this agreement